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Shining light on fraud and corruption!


The objective of this Website is to increase public awareness of government abuse, public corruption, scams. Primarily, that objective involves fraud and public corruption, occurring in Oklahoma's economic development programs.

Our method for accomplishing this goal is to find and shine light on the fraud and corruption long kept in the deepest darkest recesses of Oklahoma's political cellars.

We have and will continue gathering all information we can find or others send us illustrating how much Oklahoman's are losing in tax dollars, how this is being done, and the officials who are negligent in their responsibilities to protect the interest of the public.

This is a non-partisan Website, operated by a concerned private citizen, with no affiliations or backing from any source. We have no axe to grind with any business, industry or individual, other than those involved in this wrong.

Background -

Served 20 years in the US Navy retiring as Master Chief (E9). Served in operations and management of various advanced skill and tactical training centers including flight; radar; sonar; antisubmarine warfare tactical task force; submarine warfare attack and destroy; and surface to air electronic warfare surveillance and missile defense detection, avoidance, evasion and counter measures. While serving with the Navy worked toward a degree in engineering through various colleges, universities and on base classes at different duty stations. When a university or college wasn't available studied through correspondence courses from the Universities of So California, Oklahoma, Old Dominion and the US Armed Forces Institute.

Electronic Warfare Officer operating 100 man enemy captured Surface to Air Missle defense threat systems to engage and expose Navy and Air Force pilots to SAM threat environments.

Simulator design engineer for flight, nuclear and fossil power plants, project engineer/manager for factory simulators and industrial automation.

Combustion Engineering (now part of ABB) corporate research and development, coordinating multi-business technology exchanges. This included organizing and conducting technology exchange seminars between intra and inter engineering staffs; at engineering firms and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Collateral duties included, venture Capital investment, due diligence stage advisor, for both technology and marketing. This involved evaluating potential, venture Capital investments in the areas of: fiber optics; and industrial processing plant operational training simulators; for chemical processing plants, and both nuclear and fossil power plants.

Siemens and GE. Served as a major account manager for industrial factory automation systems.

One of the early Internet adapters, in 1996 created and launched the Web based International Business Small Consortium which grew to over 38,000 members in 80+ plus countries. ISBC was one of the first virtual companies with the entire management team, including all business disciplines, attorneys and technology, dispersed in different countries. ISBC received recognition by the United Nations as one of the Top 10 international businesses support entities, in addition to numerous other forms of international recognition.

After growing ISBC and retiring was called back to consult in corporate brand domain name registration, protection, investigation, for several large international companies including British Petroleum, Nokia, Equant, etc. This involved obtaining and registering trademark and brand name covering domain names in over 60 countries with an Internet presence. Also involved Internet investigations finding and identifying trademark and brand name violations for the above companies.

Honors and achievements -
  • Honorable retired US Navy Master Chief (E9), achieved Master Chief in less than 15 years
  • NTDS highest scores every obtained
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare Tactical Training highest scores every obtained
  • US Navy's Atlantic Fleet Training Command, Instructor of the Year award.
    The Atlantic Fleet * Training Command provided all operational and weapons system training for one half the US Navy.
  • Selected to serve as Electronic Warfare Officer
    • US Navy Commendation Medal

    Nick Baker
    Norman OK

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    • Much of this content related to the Colorado Scam was provided by Roger Johnson.
    • Due to the sensitive nature of most of other material the identities of those contributors, all currently employed or hold an elected office, have been withheld at their request

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