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Recently uncovered evidence that revealed more crimes and further verified previously uncovered evidence.

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2019Names redacted (10) in the 1,500 blown-off Oklahoma Tax Commissions (OTC) emails obtained 4/28/2010 (11), that tripped-up the FBI's cover-up. These emails were for only 15 of Oklahoma's 63 tax credit types, and three tax refund types (16), and one 17-month period. Nov 2008 - Apr 2010, a significant time frame. 
4/28/2010 OTC emails proved multiple uses (3) (29) of the same counterfeit tax credits (15), by different parties, in different ways during the period 2006-2009. 
12/18/20181,300 more hidden uses of $800 million tax credits and tax refunds by two special interest groups (14) (14). 
 This brings the total to 16,000 hidden uses totaling $3 billion for 15 of Oklahoma 63 different tax credit types (13) and three tax refund types and one four-year period 2006-2009. 
08/01/2009 Another $2 billion (18.2) state authorities trying to cover-up, starting August 2009, diverted (stole) from 2009 Federal Stimulus Funds (earmarked for education and children's health care) and drained Oklahoma's, Rainy-Day Fund. $2 billion was all state authorities could get their hands on, but not enough to keep Oklahoma out of a recessionary tailspin. 
03/01/2006 My experience started in 2006, and a series of news articles (8) - "Tax Credit Abuse Controversy." The controversy was centered around a small Altus Oklahoma Bank Group that at the time was setting up a different scam in Colorado and was one angle of a multi-state entanglement of crimes authorities have been trying to cover-up, without investigating the crimes. Based on evidence uncovered, this started with the missing 1982 Oklahoma National Bank (OKC) fraud investigation involving - Paul Harold Doughty (23)! The 1982 bank investigation was a year after the reported accidental drowning of ONB president Vernon Ayres where his body was never found in a remote area of Alaska (1981). This accident occurred during the time victims testified they were at ONB being set-up and four months after the broad daylight gangster assassination of Roger Wheeler at Tulsa's posh Southern Hills Country Club. It wasn't until 2003 the FBI admitted a corrupt FBI agent Harold Paul Rico was involved and charged. It was June 2011 when the assassination ringleader James "Whitey" Bulger leader of the South Boston Winter Hill Gang was arrested. Bulger was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for 12 years and was considered the most wanted person on the list behind Osama bin Laden.  
12/28/2008 The FBI and FDIC became involved when the Denver FBI launched the Colorado bank fraud investigation in Jan 2009. However, the case had been exposed in August 2007 when victims of the crimes in Colorado capture the Altus bank groups server. The victims were blown-off at that time. Later, we combined evidence of the Altus Bank Groups concurrently operating crimes in both Colorado and Oklahoma and showed the combined evidence to the Denver FBI, Dec 28, 2008. The Denver FBI immediately launched an investigation. View 
The server contained the group's financial records and emails. Better yet, the server automatically logged into the Altus bank groups' Gmail account. The victims intercepted the group's discussions about stealing even more property and money. Something that will make sense once you understand how the scheme works. 
The 17-month delay between exposure and the Denver FBI acting proved problematic for the FDIC, who became involved in several lawsuits, again without investigating. 
The Oklahoma area FBI and FDIC stole the Jan 2009 Colorado bank fraud investigation and did not investigate. The FBI framed me as a Confidential Informant to serve as their Colorado dummy pigeon to avoid contact and exposure to victims, witnesses, and evidence. 
The FBI was tripped-up, a year later, when a state representative obtained the 1,500 blown-off Confidential Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) emails. The emails covered the period Nov 2008 - Apr 2010 and only five of Oklahoma's 63 tax credit types (16), and three tax refund types. 
4/28/2010 The OTC emails revealed, during the period Nov 2008 - Jul 2009, OTC was swapping the Altus bank group and 15 other similar groups, gross production tax refunds for counterfeit 2006 tax credits. 
4/28/2010 A major unexpected problem was the most drastic drop in oil price history 70% occurred Jul to Nov 2008. GP tax revenue dropped even more because of the scaling down factor. That created numerous problems for theft, resulting in a variety of more crimes to further cover-up. The public had to eat it all. 
4/28/2010 The OTC emails led to the FBI's threats to silence reporting evidence found in the OTC emails and attempted bribery in the Colorado case they had not investigated (7). 
8/03/2010 Dismissing me as a Confidential Informant August 2010 (1.3) when the Oklahoman reported the Russian connection was funding Kevin Calvey's U.S. Congressional election campaign (30). 
8/08/2010 Oklahoman reported that the Russian connection was funding Kevin Calvey's U.S. Congressional election campaign (30). 
The cover-up didn't end at that point. The FDIC was tied-up in civil cases that started before the investigation and would include more than 30 cases in three states. These cases brought out more contradicting evidence and eventually backed the DOJ in a corner. That led to the Kangarooed Federal Criminal Trial 5:15-cr-00086. (20). 
In addition to victims in two states, the above left us with 1) 3-way contradiction of the same crimes, FBI v DOJ v FDIC (1.7), 2) a separate 2-way contradiction. DOJ v FDIC. And, in this order, abuse of Oklahoma Tax Commission employees, military honor, and the jury system. 
This round of cover-up started a long time before I became involved in 2006. This round started at least 1981/82 with the missing Oklahoma National Bank, fraud investigation case (38), and the ONB presidents missing body. There is one banker that is a common thread, Paul Harold Doughty. Doughty and his partners are not the top dogs in crimes; instead, they are tops in making mistakes. 
FBI data breaches Oklahoma and the US wide mistakes that fit the cover-up time frame. The FBI is not coming clean. With three terabytes and millions of files, it's too much for unfunded private parties. 
  • FBI Data Breach Oklahoma, January 16, 2019, UpGuard who discovered the breach in early December 2019
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  • FBI U.S. Data Breach,, April 14, 2019
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    These were not the first or last mistakes made by authorities trying to cover-up a multi-state entanglement of political corruption without investigating the crimes (1). 
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