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Reports Filed After the 2009 Cover-up
DateFiled WithFiles OnReportNotesReport
03/28/2009OTC & CashAltus Venture & QMACash IRS AV QMA Report Cash IRS AV QMA Report View
06/07/2010IRS & SECBOKF & HeardIRS BOKF HeardFalse claims, failure to disclose, insiders benefitingDownload
06/07/2010IRS SEC BOKF 2010 SEC BOKFReporting FraudDownload
06/07/2010IRSAV, MAPI & Scissortail IRS Report CFIA MAPI 2006 063010Reporting FraudDownload
07/2/2010IRSCFIA & MAPIIRS Report Update CFIA MAPI 2006Re: Ltr to IRS dated June 30, 2009, "Reporting Fraud"Download
07/2/2010IRSCFIA, MAPI, BOKF & HeardIRS CFIA MAPIFederal tax evasion based on state income tax credit fraudDownload
07/02/10Cognizant agenciesListedFollow-up on prior reportsFederal tax evasion based on state income tax credit fraud, multiple casesView
07/10/10Federal and Oklahoma State OfficialsListedListedIRS Multiple Report UpdatesView
07/18/2010AGBOKF, Cimarron, MAPI & CFIAAG Report Update EmailReporting state tax credit fraudView
07/18/2010AGBOKF, Cimarron, MAPI & CFIAAG Report BOKF Cimarron MAPI CFIAState income tax credit fraud overviewDownload
07/18/2010FRS, OSBI & Comptroller of CurrencyBOKF & HeardFederal Reserve BOKF HeardSuspected bank fraud, involving Bank of Oklahoma, Tulsa OKDownload
07/18/2010AuditorCFIA & MAPIAuditor Report CFIA MAPI Part 1State income tax credit fraud – audit request Part 1 of 3Download
07/18/2010AG & State AuditorBOKF & HeardAG Report BOKF Cimarron Tax credit fraud involving Oklahoma's "Venture Capital" program Part 2 of 3Download
07/18/2010AG & State AuditorCFIA & MAPIAG Report Update CFIA MAPITax credit fraud involving "Capital Formation Incentive Act" Part 3 of 3Download
07/18/2010FDIC & FRBBOKF & HeardFDIC Ombudsman Email BOKF HeardReporting - new case of suspected bank fraud, involving Bank of Oklahoma, Tulsa OK. with attachmentView
07/18/2010FRSBOKF & HeardFederal Reserve Email ResponseFederal Reserve Consumer Help Center AcknowledgementView
07/18/2010FDIC BOKF & HeardFDIC Ombudsman BOKF HeardNew case of suspected bank fraud, involving Bank of Oklahoma, Tulsa OKDownload
06/17/2020FBIFBI Online TipFirst report on Oklahom tax credit fraudView
07/17/2020FBIOnline TipsFBI Online Tip 071710Second report on Oklahom tax credit fraudView


Short NameLong NameNotes
OTCOklahoma Tax Commission 
OTCTony Mastin, Oklahoma Tax Commission 
CashDawn Cash, Oklahoma Tax Commission 
MAPIMountain Adventure Property InvestmentsColorado case
CFIAOklahoma's Capital Formation Incentive Act Tax credits Four (4) Tax credit types 68 § 2357.6X and 2357.7X
BOKBank of Oklahoma 
BOKFBank of Oklahoma FinancialBOK holding company
HeardRobert Heard, criminal scumbagOklahoma Capital Investment Board (OCIB) & owns Cimarron Capital
Cimarron CapitalCimarron CapitalOwned by Robert Heard a private party that operates OCIB and is the authorizing authority for Venture Capital Tax Credits state statute 68 § 2357.7
AGOklahoma State Attorney General 
State AuditorOklahoma State Auditor 
OBDOklahoma Banking Department 
FRSFederdal Reserve BoardOver Bank holding companies and non-banking bank subsidiaries
OSBIOklahoma State Bureau of InvestigationCharters and controls state chartered banks
Comptroller of CurrencyComptroller of CurrencyCharters and controls federal chartered banks
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