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Crimes - Evidence Combined with Background Information
Circa DateSubjectLink
Altus Bank CasesView
 Bait & Switch Red FlagView
3/28/2009Reports Filed After the 2009 Cover-upView
2006 to currentCover-upView
07/01/2016Kangaroo Federal Court Trial OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 R US v Paul Doughty DocketView
2006-2009-2016 Same Altus OK Bank Group Concurrent Crimes and Cover-ups in Oklahoma and Colorado!
03/01/2006Altus Bank Group was setting up a separate but different scam in Colorado View
10/31/2006More on the Altus Venture false 2006 $221 million QMA investment claim. Diagram.View
10/31/2006More fraudulent claims by other funds.View
12/31/2006More fraudulent claims. Cimarron fundView
12/31/2006More fraudulent claims. BOKs Cottonwood Valley Venture (CVV) fundView
Exposed Again
11/01/2008The most drastic drop in oil price history effect on gross production tax revenue 70% drop Jul to Nov 2008. Compounded by FDIC trying to hold back rash of bank failures View
12/15/2008Madoff scandal self-exposed and put the SEC on hot seatGoogle Madoff
12/28/2008Colorado victims showed the Denver CO FBI evidence on the website Prowlingowl.comView
12/28/2008Website visitors logs show key dates.View
2009Altus Bank's 2009 Double Cover-up Timeline. Diagram.View
10/15/2009State representatives Open Records 1 of 3 for missing reports and OTC auditors could not find any reports; documentation for tax credits find ignored.View
11/01/2009Corrupted OpenBooks reported after FBI cover-up, and first OpenBooks only reporting 8% when first launched a year late.View
02/02/2010State representatives Open Records request 2 of 3 Confidential Tax Letter RulingsView
02/25/2010State representatives Open Records request 3 of 3 tax credits and show OTC auditors Ignored againView
Hidden Tax Credit and Tax Refund Claims
10/31/2006Altus Venture and Affinity Ventures False ClaimsView
04/28/2010OTC emails reveal bogus 2006 tax credit investment claims OTC forms 526 & 527 for Altus Venture and Affinity VenturesView
FSB Altus Bank GroupView
Tax credit investment claims filed after the 2009 Cover-up that result FBI threats.View
2006 - 2009SEC Stock and Form Ds for all that filed. Contradicts tax credit investment claimed amounts.View
Oklahoma Tax Credit TypesView
CFIA Tax Credit QualificationsView
CFIA Tax CodesView
12/31/2007Weyerhaeuser received $170 million in tax credits, 185 employees. Where are the new jobs?View
Some Known Venture Capital Tax Credit Schemes/ParticipantsView
Impacts of crimes. Impacts and effects on tax revenue theft, cover-up, and mistakes
2006 - 2009Impacts of crimesView
1982-currentJustice DeniedView
Background criminal history and cover-up
03/01/1980First tax credits 68 ยง 2357.4, progressively expanded to 60+ different types with continuous amendments over the yearsView
1981/82FDIC, FBI, DOJ cover-up the missing Oklahoma National Bank (ONB) fraud investigation. Doughty was Ex VP. Bank president Vernon Ayres's body was missing after a reported accidental drowning. View
10/01/1982Doughty's Criminal history w/bribery. Missing 1982 ONB bank fraud investigation, a body & moreView
01/01/1983Oklahoma State Securities Department (OSSD) covered up securities violations related to the ONB bank failure
1981/82The cover-up allowed Doughty to work at father's bank and rumored to have cost his father one section of cotton land in Jackson County OKView
1980s/1990sDoughty & Coleman civil suit.
1990s lateF. Don Andersons entered the picture.
2000s earlyDoughty took over as his father`s health fails.
Economic Development CAPCOs in other states
Economic Development Capco StructureView
1980s/1990sWhat Other States CAPCO Studies RevealedView
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