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Tax frauds Subject Index

This is not a complete list. A complete list would require a massive number of options!

# Subject Link
1First State Bank Altus OK, Altus Venture, Affinity Ventures, and others.View
3Banks in General.View
4Bank of Oklahoma.View
5Capital Companies (CAPCOs) passed off as the same that created Silicon Valley.View
6Capital Formation Incentive Act tax credits.View
7Cimarron Capital Business.View
8Chaparral purchased counterfeit tax credits form Altus Venture.View
9Colorado - Mountain Adventures Property Investments.View
11Contradicting court cases more than 30 between coconspirators in three states exposing more evidence.View
12Corruption data files.View
13Economic development tax credits and tax refund frauds.View
14Election Campaign Funding.View
15Emails: FBI, FDIC, OTC, Altus Bank Group.View
16Emails: OTC and Confidential Tax Letter rulings.View
18Foxborough one of the old Stifel Nicolaus group registering another LLC that cost a whopping $25.View
19MetaFund a non-profit, with a hidden for-profit arm Metamarkets registered in Delaware.View
21Oak Hills and Avondale, Donald Dillingham.View
22Oklahoma Capital Investment Board. One of the most egregious case of public accountability.View
23Oklahoma Tax Commission and political appointees.View
24Players - key.View
25REI Oklahoma, also claiming 45% Federal New Market Tax Credits, based on Federal Government back BIA and Farm Loans.View
26Russian Connection and election funding fraud.View
27Scams - multiple.View
28Scissortail with history in election funding fraud.View
29Venture Capital Tax Credits restricted to Bank of Oklahoma and Cimarron Business Capital.View
30Weyerhaeuser used $170 million in tax credits, no increase in employees!.View
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