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Three Mutually Contradicting Versions of Crimes and Victims for the Same Crimes.

The evidence the FBI framed me as a confidential informant in one of a series of authorities bungled attempts to block a Colorado bank fraud investigation involving a small Altus OK bank group, and what preceded and followed.

Paul Doughty, president, and owner of First State Bank Altus, OK. Doughty created multiple fraudulent bank loans, mortgage frauds, tax credit investment frauds, tax refund frauds, and was involed in money laundering.


Make that five mutually contradicting versions of Crimes and Victims when including Oklahoma State Lawmakers v State Securities Department (OSSD) before federal authoritie's bungled attempts to cover-up.

In an effort to keep this simple, this part is primarily about crimes committed in Colorado by an Altus Oklahoma Bank Group. This part of what corrupt authorities have been covering up since the 1980s.

The Colorado FBI did listen to victims of the crimes in Colorado (Dec 28, 2008) and launched an immediate investigation. Then the Oklahoma district FDIC and FBI stole the Colorado bank fraud investigation and never investigated the Colorado case to cover-up Oklahoma tax revenue theft that was occurring at the time. View.

For more connections. View

The Oklahoma FBI framed me as a Confidential Informant to use as a shield to avoid exposure to Colorado victims and evidence and to blame me for not investigating Colorado and Oklahoma's crimes. View FBI and other's excuses included that the evidence was too complicated, and not their responsibilities.

06/24/2010FBI Bribe Attempt. Colorado appraiser fraud.View
2006 - 2017Ignored Colorado straw loan buyer scheme with kickbacks after failing to investigate.View
06/29/2016Ignored key part of EPG Scam related to tax revenue Oklahoma theft after failing to investigate. View
06/30/2016Oklahoma case 15 CR 00085 Doc 106 Official Transcript 063016 Paul Doughty Appraiser Fraud (continued)View
07/01/2016OKWD 5:15-cr-00085 R Doc 90 Exh LIST by the U.S.A. as to Paul Harold DoughtyView
02/06/2017FDIC's Pearson Appraiser Interview Report. Dated Mar 01, 2016, but not filed until Feb 2, 2017,
seven months after the trial.

Three mutually contradicting versions of the same crimes.

To help in understanding the two and three mutually contradicting versions of the same crimes they are broken down below in two forms.

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