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Altus Ventures Financials

The Altus Bank Group's, Altus Venture's financial records were confiscated by victims in Colorado Aug 2007. Exposing 2006 fraudulent Oklahoma tax credit investment claims and cover-up. Evidence of 2006 economic development tax credit fraud (counterfeiting and money-laundering) uncovered contradicts officials' statements reported by the media.

Paul Doughty was the majority owner, Chairman of the Board of FSB BanCorp Altus OK, the bank holding company for First State Bank, Altus OK, where Doughty was also the president of most subsidiaries. Altus Venture(s) LLC (lead subsidiary), Quartz Mountain Aerospace, Inc. (QMA), and others. Doughty managed Affinity Ventures, owned by Robert McDonald, head of Capital West Securities (formerly Stifel Nicolaus).

Doughty as president of First State Bank Altus OK, provided fraudulent loan documents for Altus Venture Fund IV that was claimed to have invested $200 million in QMA in 2006. In addition Affinity Ventures claimed to have invested $21 million in QMA in 2006.

Doughty also provided fraudulent loan documents for Affinity Ventures Funds that were claimed to have invested another $21 million in Quartz Mountain Aerospace Altus OK, in 2006, along with several other fraudulent investments.

Altus Venture LLC and Affinity Ventures LLC self-issued $97 million combined 2006 tax credits for their bogus investment claims.

Altus Venture LLC, Affinity Ventures LLC, Quartz Mountain Aerospace LLC, and First State Bank Altus OK, are all owned and/or controlled by Paul Doughty and F. Don Anderson.

This info was extracted from the barely legible Adobe PDF file through a blowing up the documents enough to interpret to the degree the information could manually enter in a spreadsheet then used math cross-checking to catch misinterpretations and entry errors. The original records are very difficult to read, but are provided if desired.

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